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Welcome to On A Quest! A bit about our journey (so far…)

On a Quest is a women’s clothing brand that was born from a desire to create something new and exciting. We started our journey last year when we dipped our toe in the water by selling dresses at Quest in Epsom. After the dresses proved popular, we were inspired to create a new range of dresses that were ethical, sustainable, and luxurious, with materials that felt soft and magical on the skin.

We wanted our brand to reflect our belief that everyone deserves to look and feel special on their journey in life, which is why we chose the name “On a Quest.” Our logo, the lotus flower, represents the journey that we are all on. Just like the lotus flower that grows through the mud and weeds at the bottom of the lake before blooming at the top, we believe that we are all on a soul’s journey this lifetime.

We are proud to have our manufacturing partner located in Pushkar, India. According to legend, Lord Brahama dropped a lotus flower in Pushkar 1000 years ago, forming a beautiful sacred lake. We fell in love with Pushkar and its lovely atmosphere when we visited. We wanted to support an ethical and sustainable company that also supports its team and community, and that’s why we chose to make our clothes in India.

Our team is made up of inspirational ladies who come to work with a smile on their faces, ready and willing to serve and help anyone who comes into our store. They helped us design the dresses, which we named after our current team in a fun and playful way. We are grateful for their inspiration and creativity.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and stay tuned for more inspired designs from On a Quest. We are committed to continue creating clothing that makes women feel special and reflects the beauty of our world!